Sunday, 7 July 2013

Oreo Brownies

I've seen Oreo brownies around on many other blogs I read, so it was only a matter of time before I tried them myself.

I wanted to use one of my brownie recipes with low saturated fat, as half the batch was being taken home by CT, who was having dinner with us. This time I chose the Good Food recipe for brownies made with mayonnaise, as I thought the thicker raw batter would hold up the Oreo pieces better than the batter from recipe I use for brownies made with oil. I added about 100g of chopped Oreo cookies.

The brownies were delicious, but I wasn't very impressed with the addition of the Oreos. Almost all the pieces seem to have dissolved into the brownie batter, leaving areas the were darker  in colour, like the biscuit part of the cookie. There were very few places where you could still see any of the white cream filling of the Oreos, although I did manage to capture a photo of one brownie showing a little patch of white. I may be wrong, but from the description of other Oreo brownies, I expected the cookie pieces to be stay separate and crunchy, and be recognisable as Oreo pieces.

As I say, the brownies were still delicious, but I could have achieved the extra-chocolatey patches with added chopped 85% chocolate, and saved the Oreos to enjoy as cookies!


Foodycat said...

Dissolved and unrecognisable is my preferred way of eating oreos. Disgusting things!

Suelle said...

LOL! It takes all sorts, fortunately!

snowy said...

I'm not a fan of Oreos either, but the brownies look good.

talesofpiglingbland said...

I can take or leave Oreos as biscuits, but in icecream / in brownies, in milkshakes and cheesecakes. I love them. Duly bookmarked!