Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake - Doubled!

What can you do to improve one of your favourite flavour combinations for cakes? Double them, of course! This simple little cake contains both ground and chopped, toasted hazelnuts, and there is also cocoa in the cake batter, as well as chopped plain chocolate pieces.

I was considering tripling the flavours with a Nutella frosting, but to be honest, we can't take the extra calories! For anyone not worried about such things, a frosting and a few chopped hazelnuts scattered around would top things off nicely.

This is another adaptation of my one of my now basic 'made with oil' cake recipes, taken from the BBC Good Food website. For this cake I left out the lemon elements, replaced 25g of flour with cocoa, the ground almonds with ground hazelnuts and folded 50g chopped toasted hazelnuts and 80g chopped 70% chocolate into the batter. I also used sunflower oil, as I don't keep rapeseed oil in stock. I baked the cake in two small loaf tins, so that one could go into the freezer.


belleau kitchen said...

it's just twice as nice!

snowy said...

Love hazelnuts and chocolate, so this cake is perfect. I like using oil in cakes, but I use rapeseed oil.