Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Almond and Mocha Bundt

According to Lynn Hill, founder of the Clandestine Cake Club, November 15th is National Bundt Cake Day. I don't know if this is just  a themed  'day' that's imported from America, but I thought it would be nice to bake a small bundt cake anyway. So here's a picture for Bundt Day.

I'm not going to share the recipe yet, as it still needs some work; it was an almond flavoured cake batter, containing crushed slivers of almonds for texture, layered with a mocha flavoured portion. I'd hoped the mixture would swirl during baking but the portion of the batter I'd flavoured with cocoa and coffee was too dense. Tasted good though!


Jean said...

Wow, now that's different, I love it.
Great shape too, which Bundt tin is it?

Suelle said...

It's not a Nordicware tin, its a small tin which used to be sold by Lakeland, but I don't think it's available now. It takes roughly the same amount of cake batter as a 1lb loaf tin, so good for just the two of us.

belleau kitchen said...

what a lovely looking creation... love the way the golden sponge looks so golden!

Suelle said...

Thanks, Dom, but I think it's partly a trick of the light. It was late in the day and I used both the flash on the camera and artificial light!