Saturday, 23 December 2017

Fig, Chocolate and Ginger Panforte

This is a repeat of the recipe for Fig, Chocolate and Ginger Panforte that I made three years ago. This year I used gluten free flour and divided the mixture between two 6" (15cm) foil pie cases for baking, as I wanted to take one as a gift to friends, where I knew that some of the other guests required gluten free food. I also left out the orange zest, although, after tasting, my memory of the first one tells me that that it's better left in! I kept the baking time the same, as the smaller panforte were similar in depth to one large one.

Panforte is ideal for this time of year, as it is more like a confection than a cake, and seems to keep for ever once it is baked. I cut the cake that I kept for myself today, over three weeks after making it and it tasted just as good as the when first made. It's very rich, so best cut into small slivers for serving.


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Phil in the Kitchen said...

I liked the idea of this the first time I saw it and a gluten free version is always welcome. This year, like most years recently, I told myself I'd get round to making a panforte and, as usual, I ran out of time. Next year - maybe. Sorry to be too late to wish you a Happy Christmas but have a great new year.