Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Rocky Road Brownies

I feel this is something everyone needs to try at least once in their life, and this in my 'once'!

I won't be making it again unless someone else requests it. There's nothing wrong with the recipe, which I took from Joy of Baking; in fact the brownie base was excellent - dark, rich, fudgey and a little bitter because of the chocolate I chose to use (I used chocolate with 85% cocoa solids as I didn't have any unsweetened). I just didn't like how sweet it got with marshmallows on top - the sweetness overwhelmed everything, even the bitterness of the base, and the only thing which came through was the flavour of too sweet chocolate and the crunch of the nuts.

So it's a personal thing - I'd certainly recommend the recipe to anyone who wanted to try them, but the final result wasn't to my taste.

The only change I made was to increase the weight of chocolate chips to 120g, but I used half chocolate and half fudge chips. The nuts I used were a mix of large pieces of macadamias and finely chopped hazelnuts.

My one mistake was to leave the topped brownie in the oven a minute or two too long - my rocky road looks like melted tarmac!


Lucie said...

Suelle,they are not like tarmac honest! these look so delicious. A lovely treat I would imagine :) Lucie x

Choclette said...

No Lucie is right, these look lovely. I think maybe you are right though, I've been thinking about making some sort of rocky road for a long time, but think I might find them a bit too sweet.

Suelle said...

Thanks, Lucie.

Choclette - I think they're worth a try. You'll never know otherwise.

Maria♥ said...

Suelle, these look really yummy!


Hilary said...

I'm also not a fan of things that taste primarily of 'sweet'. It just overwhelms all the lovely flavours!

Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial said...

Suelle, I made rocky road recently, but with uncooked marshmallows (no pink ones!). I also make chocolate marshmallow cookies which are lovely, but tooth-achingly sweet - agree completely that one minute too long in the oven is the difference between a wagon wheel and melted goo.. :)

Foodycat said...

No, I can't say I'd be in a tearing hurry to try these! I don't really "get" marshmallow, and I only feel like rocky road about once every 5 years. That being said, I think the problem is you haven't got any fruit there as far as I can see - the best rocky road I have had has dried apricots or sour cherries in as well, which just balances things out a bit.

Suelle said...

You're right, Foodycat - no fruit. I don't think I came across any recipes for RR Brownies with fruit in during my search, but I think using something like sour cherries or cranberries could work very well (although my son - the Chief Tester - wouldn't eat them then!).

I've found Rocky Road Candy recipes which are similar to what I call refrigerator cake - fruit, nuts and biscuits mixed into melted chocolate, but again, that wasn't what I wanted this time.

Diana's Cocina said...

This looks yummy! Glad I found your blog.