Sunday, 16 January 2011

More Low-fat Brownies

These probably aren't as low  in saturated fat as the previous batch I made, as they contain chocolate as well as cocoa, but they are so much better in flavour. In fact they are so good that the first thing I'm going to say is - double the recipe; this small batch won't be enough!

This recipe for Chocolate Brownies comes from the ever reliable Good Food site, and in this instance most of the fat in the recipe is provided by mayonnaise. Yes, you read that right - mayonnaise! The recipe is described as the ultimate makeover, to produce a lower fat version, and I think the description is probably correct - while CT is on his low saturated fat diet, I don't see the need to look for a better brownie recipe.

I didn't have a pan which was exactly the right size, so used my adjustable pan set to 7 x 8" (roughly 17 x 20cm). I lined this with baking paper rather than oiling the sides. The only other change to the recipe was to use white caster sugar instead of golden. I think golden caster sugar has run it's course - you don't really see it on the supermarket shelves anymore. I found they cooked a little faster than specified - I took mine out of the oven after 25 minutes.

The brownies were moist, fairly dense and felt satisfyingly rich in the mouth - all marks of a good brownie. They weren't the really chewy texture that I like in a brownie, but I've made brownies with no claims to be healthy which weren't as nice as these, so I'm not complaining about a tiny imperfection.

Several of the reviews of the recipe said that the brownies were still good using the 'light' versions of mayonnaise, but as I'm only trying to reduce saturated fat, not fat in general, I don't think I need to go that far. Now - what can I make with a tub of buttermilk with only two tablespoons taken out (recipes which do this really annoy me!)?


C said...

They look great - really moist and chocolatey. There are a lot of positive reviews for them aren't there! But it's always good to get a more personal positive review from a trusted source! I'll add these to the to-try list.

Buttermilk - my go-to recipe is scones (added advantage of being fairly low in sat-fat) or perhaps soda bread - Delia's is good. Or you could use it for a marinade for chicken, I think Nigella does something on those lines.

Gillian said...

Well seeing is believing and those brownies look great. Mayo ... I would never have guessed. Thansk for the tip off.

As for buttermilk, spotted dog is pretty good ... a big scone really but nice for slicing.

Katie said...

Sounds interesting. I've made a cake with mayonnaide before but never brownies. Looks wonderfully moist and fudgy

snowy said...

They look good Sue. I made some scones with buttrmilk using a Nigella 'Kitchen' recipe
and Nigel used it in his soda bread recently.
It's a shame that CT doesn't like homemade muffins as my favourite recipe uses veg. oil. Could you give them another name?!!!

Chele said...

Yippee - being on a diet isn't so bad when you know you can still eat a brownie ;0)

Suelle said...

Snowy - I could try calling them cupcakes. ;) Thanks for the links.

Chele - it's a strange diet, as he mustn't lose weight while on it! :)

Foodycat said...

How bizarre! I am impressed that you tried them. I am still buying golden caster sugar. The difference in flavour isn't huge but I prefer it.

Celia said...

Fascinating brownie recipe - still a little in disbelief about the use of mayo! :) One thing - you can freeze buttermilk really successfully - give it a good shake to combine it all, then portion it out in small takeaway containers and freeze for future use.

Chocolate Here said...

Look at that. I got a similar crispy top on my mayo brownie attempt. Still prefer butter but the recipe is being filled away for when I need it ... at the moment I'm keeping the sat. fats at bay.