Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pear and Ginger Cake

So many British baking bloggers seem to prefer autumn to any other season, and I'm no exception! I love using the fresh autumn fruits and nuts, and being able to bake stodgier cakes meant to be eaten in front of a cosy fire after a long walk! It's also so satisfying to use homegrown products in my baking - we've been growing vegetables for many years, but have only just started branching out into fruit production, and our own  hazelnuts are an unforseen consequence of planting an ornamental twisted hazelnut!

This cake, from the BBC Good Food site, certainly fits that bill! It's dense and moist, and flavoured with the warming spices of ginger and mixed spice. It's an unusual recipe for a cake, as it uses softened dates to provide moistness and density and some of the sweetness comes from ginger preserves. The use of dates also means that less fat can be used, which fits into my current baking style.

I used two more of the large conference pears from my mother's tree, and some fresh hazelnuts from our own tree (instead of pecans). The only other change I made to the recipe was to leave out the brandy syrup - and I don't think it was greatly missed, the cake was certainly moist enough without it.

As the website suggests, this cake makes a great dessert while still warm, but is just as good eaten cold, with or without a drizzle of fresh cream!

Even though I didn't manage to photograph the inside of this cake, due to lack of light at this time of year and a busy schedule, I'm going to enter it into the Autumnal Baking Challenge at What Kate Baked, as it's one of the best seasonal cakes I've tasted so far this year!


Snowy said...

What a lovely combination - pear and ginger. The cake looks so good, Suelle. I love Autumnal baking.

Baking Addict said...

Sounds delicious! Autumn is my favourite season.

Katie said...

That looks delicious. I love pears but really don't bake with them enough. Looks so autumnal and inviting. I'm impressed your pears didn't sink!

Chele said...

Such a lovely colour to this cake. And as you say, just perfect for this time of year ... once the temp drops lol

MissCakeBaker said...

Lovely cake. Autumn is just lovely - especially with sunshine like today!