Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sticky Gingerbread

This is another slightly adapted version of this gingerbread recipe, made with oil, from the Australian website Taste. I made this a while ago and added stem ginger and candied orange peel to the mix, but the batter was too thin to support any solid additions and it all sank to the bottom.

This time there were no additions, but I replaced roughly 25% (70g out of 300g) of the golden syrup with black treacle to give a darker cake. This worked very well - the colour was much better and the cake got nicely sticky on the top after the first day.

This is a really light cake - the only downside really, as I prefer gingerbread to be a bit denser in texture. It's well flavoured and not oversweet, despite the amount of sugar in the recipe. It's very quick to make too, so good for days when you're in a hurry and just want something simple to fill the cakebox.


celia said...

Suelle, that looks luscious and moist! I love cakes that aren't too sweet, but still with that dark treacly flavour..

Chele said...

That strikes me as my kind of gingerbread! Looks lovely a sticky but a proper cake too.

Baking Addict said...

Looks great! Glad the black treacle worked well, I'll have to remember that in the future.

C said...

Wow, that looks amazing. I love gingerbread type cakes. Glad to see it worked better without the add-ins.