Monday, 12 March 2012

Orange Drizzle Cake

Once in a while I go to the Good Food website and put 'cake' into the recipe search. I then tick the box to order the search to show the most recently added recipes first. This is how I found this recipe for a 'light' version of the classic Lemon Drizzle Cake, made with oil and yogurt instead of butter. It also contains ground almonds and polenta to add to the texture and improve the moistness. I didn't have lemons available but did have oranges - I used the zest of two small oranges in the cake, along with a teaspoon of orange extract. I didn't want the full volume of syrup to drizzle over, either, so used a syrup adapted from another recipe - 2 tablespoons of golden syrup blended with the juice of one orange.

The recipe was simple to follow and there were no problems in mixing or baking. After I removed the cake from the oven, I didn't think it had risen much. Worried that it would be too heavy, I made a berry compote and whipped some cream to serve with the cake as a dessert.

I needn't have worried; although the cake hadn't risen as much as I expected, the texture was still very good. It's wasn't really light - more like a madeira cake than a sponge, and not as light as this Annie Bell recipe, also made with oil,  for a lemon drizzle traybake. However, I like the texture of cakes made with polenta and ground almonds, so it was good to find another successful recipe to add to my repertoire. I think this would make a good everyday cake, without any extra syrup added after baking.


Katie said...

Haha I do exactly the same thing on the BBC website. Look for most recent and then drool over the photos :)

Yummy sounding cake, especially with that berry compote

Phil in the Kitchen said...

I do like the look of this recipe. Interesting texture, I'd imagine. I've not always liked the results I get from using yogurt in cakes but this does look good.