Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Very Lemony Lemon Cake

And yet another Dan Lepard recipe! I made this cake following a discussion about lemon drizzle cakes, on one of the message-boards I use. I remembered this as one of the best lemon cakes I'd tasted, but others disagreed, so I thought it must be time to try it again.

Dan calls this a lemon drizzle cake, but it doesn't really fit the accepted description of a drizzle cake, as there is only a small amount of frosing spread on top of the cake, not a large amount of syrup poured over a cake which has been punctured with holes in order to absorb it. That doesn't worry me, as most drizzle cakes turn out too wet for my liking, unless I'm using it as a dessert.

If I have to find fault with this, it would be with the slight dip in the centre which shouldn't have been there. This may have been because I whisked by hand instead of getting out the electric hand mixer for the early stages of the cake, but it didn't affect the even, moist texture and tender crumb. It didn't look like a case of the cake over-rising and sinking back, which often produces dense patches around the dip.

The flavour was as I remember, not-too-sweet and very lemony, with a crisp, tart lemon frosting. I'd still consider it one of the best lemon cake recipes I know, but perhaps it would disappoint those who like very moist drizzle cakes.


Em said...

Mmm, there's something about a warm lemon cake...I applaud you for whisking by hand!
Just stumbled across your website, from what I've seen all your desserts look great!

Foodycat said...

Paul prefers his lemon drizzle cake this way, with the slightly crunchy glace icing. I must try this recipe!

Caroline said...

Definitely going to have to give this one a go. I looked at the linked recipe and think that the only reason I haven't tried it so far is that the photos seem to show that the sides of the cake have been trimmed, as if it were burnt. Clearly from your pictures this isn't a particular problem with this recipe. Onto the 'to bake' list!

snowy said...

This is one of my favourite Dan Lepard's recipes, and your cake looks delicious. I do sometimes make drizzle cakes with the lemon syrup too.

Miss C Flash said...

You certainly like Dan Lepards recipes :-) Your lemon cakes looks delicious x

Suelle said...

I do like Dan's recipes a lot, Miss C Flash - some stretch my cooking abilities and they often introduce new flavours and methods that are out of the ordinary.