Sunday, 23 June 2013

Blueberry, Hazelnut and Lime Cake

Sometimes I wonder whether my shopping habits are really as thrifty as I think they are. Why buy five limes in a pack when I only need two? Because a multi-pack is 5p per unit cheaper than buying limes individually, of course! But then I'm left with the business of making sure the three remaining limes get used up before they are too soft and squishy to use.

This recipe was a good example of getting rid of the leftovers. When searching the back of the freezer for something or other, I came across a very sad looking pack of blueberries which had been there far too long. I used my favourite quick-mix, oil-based, cake recipe, replacing the lemon zest with that of lime, the almonds with hazelnuts, and sprinkling the punnet of blueberries, still frozen, over the top. The 'drizzle' of citrus juice and sugar was left off altogether.

The resulting cake was a very good combination of flavours. The blueberries were, surprisingly, still quite juicy when cooked, so gave little tart bursts of flavour when eaten. I'm always pleased with the texture of this cake, which is moist and tender, and as this isn't a very sweet cake and doesn't contain much fat, it's feels almost healthy to eat some!


Katie said...

Haha I've done the same thing with lime in the past. Chili and lime sauce for stir fry is always good, or some lemon and lime curd to use them up

The cake looks fab. Love blueberry and lime together, nice chnage from the usual lemon

Foodycat said...

It sounds lovely. I do like using up the odds and ends!

belleau kitchen said...

sounds so divine... love the way the fruit is squidgy on top x

snowy said...

This sounds good. We love blueberries
and this is a great way of using up the last few. Have a lime in the fridge to use so will certainly be making this. Thanks Suelle.

Caroline said...

I'm always surprised at how juicy blueberries stay when they're baked - looks like a great cake. I'm guilty of buying multipacks for the same reason, but sadly don't often manage to use up the other part thus rendering my excess purchase a waste of money... I'll never learn I don't think!