Saturday, 24 August 2013

Celia's friend Genie's Courgette Slice

Yet another attempt to use more courgettes, or, in this case, one monster that had been hiding underneath a leaf and had expanded quickly after a heavy rainfall. This recipe for Courgette(zucchini) Slice, found on Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, is a recipe give to Celia by her friend Genie, who passed away a few years ago. Celia writes very eloquently and often very movingly about her family life on her blog, and really values her friends and neighbours, and the recipes they share.

I followed the recipe closely - only adding a sliced red chilli for an extra zing. I was a bit worried as the slice cooked, as there seemed to be a lot of grease sizzling on top of the slice, but this was absorbed as it cooled, and the finished dish wasn't at all greasy.

This was more like a frittata or tortilla than a savoury bread, but the addition of flour makes it more sturdy and perfect for eating cold. I found it very useful as a protein-rich breakfast, and it was also very tasty as a lunch dish, with salad. The only thing I think I'd change is to grate the vegetables more coarsely next time, to give more texture.


Anne Szadorska said...

I love courgettes but am not very experimental with them so its great to see a tasty recipe that's simple enough but different!

Its definitely something we would happily eat and be great to have in the fridge!

Anonymous said...

Suelle, thank you SO much for trying this and writing about it - my friend Genie's family will be so touched to see her remembered in this way! It's a popular dish on our street - at least two other families make it - and it's so easy. We usually grate everything coarsely as you say, and I've made it with our giant tromboncino squash as well. Thanks again xx

Suelle said...

@Celia - I saw your post about the trombocini. I don't think I could grow them here - our season isn't even long enough to grow butternut squash properly.

Katie said...

That looks really unushal, but I can imagine it woudl be delicious warm and eaten with chutney. Great idea to add the chili

snowy said...

A great way of using up courgettes and a lovely mix of flavours. It will make a good accompaniment to a salad.