Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Courgette and Lemon Marmalade Cake

I'm still using the abundance of courgettes growing in the garden - they've been added to sausage casseroles, pasta sauces, used as a side vegetable, and FB took a bag full for her work colleagues, but still they come! I'm going to try some sort of fritter next, in the savoury line, but I thought a cake would help reduce the stock building up in the fridge.

I liked the look of this recipe for a courgette cake because it used lemon to flavour the cake instead of chocolate or spices. I thought this would make the cake seem more summery. I was guided by the recipe, but made a few changes. I replaced the wholemeal flour with white, and the brown sugar with white too, as I wanted a lighter cake, both in colour and texture. I used just sultanas, rather than a mix of dried fruit.

I also separated the eggs and whisked the whites before folding them in as the last step of mixing the batter, in an effort to help the cake rise. This was only partially successful - the cake rose well during baking but sank a lot as it cooled. This left a cake which was moist and dense - too dense really, as there was a distinct layer of unrisen dough at the bottom of the cake.

The lemon marmalade wasn't really successful at getting a lot of lemon flavour into the cake either. I added a lemon glacé icing, decorated with shreds of lemon zest, to the top, which brightened the flavour, but overall this was not really a successful cake. I had hoped for something as light as the carrot cake I make from this recipe, but I think that courgettes hold more moisture than carrots, which would make such a light texture difficult to achieve. I might just try the carrot cake recipe with courgettes as a substitute, before giving up on the idea of a light cake being possible.

It's not often that Hubs makes many comments on what I bake, unless it is extremely good or overwhelmingly bad, but he asked me not to make this cake again!


snowy said...

What a shame that you didn't like it, as it looks delicious. I like Nigel Slater's courgette cake on the Guardian website, but I wouldn't say it's very light.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear :( . It's never a good sign when the other half turns down cake. I've made a courgette fruit cake from the BBC good food site which is nice but definitely on the dense side. Courgette and ginger jam is a good option to get some over large courgettes used up. It's very lemony and more like a marmalade but worth trying. Fantastic on toast!

Phil in the Kitchen said...

I had slow-cooked courgettes yesterday, grilled courgettes today and I'm making stuffed courgettes tomorrow. Sorry to hear that this cake didn't work out - I'm definitely in the market for courgette ideas.

Katie said...

Oh dear. Sorry it wasn't the best cake, but at least you tried it. Maybe try using the cake in a trifle and soak it in some fruity booze of juice and cover it with cream and custard, anything tastes good that way. Or a courgette and lemon bread pudding!

Suelle said...

Thanks for the ideas Katie, but it all got eaten. A cake has to be really really awful before it gets left alone or thrown away. This wasn't that bad!

belleau kitchen said...

really pretty looking cake, what a shame it didn't quite work out... like you say, at least it got eaten... I find that sometimes with cakes like this they need to go into the fridge and get really cold then eat them like bars, they're really good... x