Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Lemon Tart

I've not been having much luck with lemon recipes recently; after the Spelt, Lemon and Maple Drizzle Cake, which failed twice, I had another technical failure with a Lemon Tart.

I chose this particular Lemon Tart recipe, from Good Food, to see if reducing the fat levels still made an acceptably tasty dessert - this recipe claims to be half the fat of a classic tart.

I liked the reduced fat pastry, which was unexpected, and really loved both the flavour and texture of the filling, which was light and silky smooth and just about sharp enough for my tastes. However, my tart cracked like crazy paving as it cooled. I don't think it was overcooked, as it was still wobbly in the centre, but I did leave it in the oven, with the door slightly open, to cool, so that might have been the problem, although slow cooling is usually advised to avoid cracks. The cracks didn't really spoil the tart from the point of view of eating it, but I usually only make desserts like this on special occasions, and wouldn't want to serve this to guests.


Phil in the Kitchen said...

I do need as many healthier versions of desserts as I can get and I'm pleased to hear that the flavours worked. Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about the cracks but I'm not sure that I'd be allowed to serve it to guests. Just a thought - some reduced fat versions of crème fraîche that I've come across in the past have had added thickeners and stabilisers and I wonder if they would behave differently.

Suelle said...

I did wonder about the effect of those sort of things, Phil, but hoped that it had been taken into account by the recipe, as low-fat was specified. If I make it again, I'll check the labels more carefully.