Wednesday 18 April 2012

Chocolate Chip and Blueberry Oat Bars

This is a delightful tray bake for busy days - you only need a large mixing bowl, a sieve, a wooden spoon, a measuring jug and a fork, and you can have the whole mix into the baking tray by the time the oven has heated up. With only 20 minute baking, you can have the whole job done in half an hour!

I used this recipe for Choc-chip Muesli Slice from, substituting 75g dried blueberries for the same weight of chocolate. You could view this as a healthy version of flapjack - less fat (and oil instead of butter) and less sugar, but all of the tasty bits. In fact it's more like a chocolate chip cookie dough baked in a tray.

I found the bars a little on the dry side, but that might be because the blueberries absorbed some of the moisture. An all-chocolate version, like the original, might be better in this respect. They were not very sweet at all - which is why milk chocolate is specified in the recipe.

As Blueberries and Bar begin with B, I am entering these into this month's AlphaBakes challenge - the letter randomly chosen for this month being 'B'. AlphaBakes is hosted alternately by Caroline from Caroline Makes and Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker - this month the random letter B was generated by Ros, and must be used as a predominant part of the name of the recipe or one of the main ingredients. See the full rules on this link if you'd like to know more!


celia said...

Lovely Suelle! The "slice" is a well known Aussie treat - not quite a muesli bar or a flapjack, and often baked as an afterschool treat. I think it's meant to be a little dry, because it's often served with a glass of milk! :)

Baking Addict said...

Thanks for entering these to AlphaBakes. I love that you used blueberries which I love. Quick and easy bakes are my fav :)

Choclette said...

I so like the idea of using blueberries in a flapjack type bake. As well as the flavours, I like the colour contrast. Another recipe to bookmark - sigh!

Scotkat said...

I so l love blueberries and oats I us porridge oats soaked over night with cholestral yoghrt and blueberries and kiwi fruit.

Could your recipe have kiwi fruit too .

Suelle said...

Scotkat - I used dried blueberies. I don't think fresh fruit would work in this recipe, but any dried fruit should be OK. I've never seen dried kiwi fruit.