Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Ginger Brownies

 We don't see or hear much from CT these days. He's never been very communicative. Weekly emails while he was at university usually received the reply 'All is well.' and things are much the same now that he's away from home again. Having said that, he often didn't say much more while he was living at home!

However, he doesn't drive, so dear old Dad is still useful for things like keeping hospital appointments. After his last appointment, he had dinner with us, and I made these Ginger Brownies for dessert. He took the remainders home with him, of course!

I used this recipe for Marmalade Brownies, using ginger preserves instead of marmalade, and adding two teaspoons of ground ginger with the flour. They were quite light, cakey brownies but with a good chocolate flavour; I used a mix of 1 part 85% and 2 parts 74% chocolate. There was a pleasant tingle from the ginger, with soft pieces of ginger from the preserves to bite into, and a nice crunch from the walnuts.

I managed to get a few hasty photos, in poor light, before I had to wrap the brownies for transport.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. They all grow up, don't they? I'm going to miss mine when they eventually move out - I hope they still come home for dinner so I can bake them brownies like this! :)

Foodycat said...

I'm always happy with chocolate & ginger!

Anne Szadorska said...

Ooh yummy combination, love the warming zing that comes with ginger

snowy said...

I enjoy it when they come back for a weekend and you can cook them some of their favourites. Like the sound of these brownies - love ginger and chocolate.