Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Mincemeat and Marzipan Pies

I recently acquired a stand food mixer, and the first thing I did was to make a large batch of short crust pastry, some of which was used for this Chocolate Ricotta Tart. With the rest of the pastry, I made these two mincemeat and marzipan pies.

The pies  were about 18cm in diameter, giving six small portions each - just right with the evening cup of coffee. After lining the disposable pie cases with pastry, I put a layer of grated marzipan into each one - about 150g between the two cases. Then I mixed a standard sized jar of mincemeat with a finely chopped eating apple, to cut some of the sweetness of the mincemeat, and divided this between the two cases. I topped one pie with a lattice made from pastry strips, and the other with the last of the pastry trimmings rolled into a ball, then chilled before grating over the top using a coarse grater.

I had room to fit one of the pies into the freezer - it might be the full extent of baking ahead for this Christmas, as there's not much freezer space to spare! Apologies for the quality of the photo too - there's so little natural light at the moment, with the dull weather we've been having!


belleau kitchen said...

Love the large pie... great idea x

snowy said...

Great ideas Sue. Like the marzipan layer in the bottom and the grated pastry on top.